Oeko Tex 100 certification

oekotex-pakistanWe at Cosmos Pakistan offer oeko-tex Certifications Consultancy to Textile Industries,Garment & Home-textile export houses.

What is oeko-tex ?

The Oeko-Tex Association is an independent, third-party certifier that offers two certifications for textiles: Oeko-Tex 100 (for products) and Oeko-Tex 1000 (for production sites/factories). Products satisfying the criteria for Oeko-Tex 100 and produced in a OekoTex 1000 certified facility may use the Oeko-Tex 100+ mark, which is simply a combination of the two.

The Oeko-Tex 100 standard is concerned primarily with health and safety of textile products. It is NOT an organic certification and products bearing this mark are not necessarily made from organically grown fibers.


Textiles considered for this standard are classified into four categories:

  • Product Class I: Products for Babies.
  • Product Class II: Products with Direct Contact to Skin .
  • Product Class III: Products without Direct Contact to Skin .
  • Product Class IV: Decoration Material

Certification may be given to a finished product (such as a shirt,Cushion cover,Throw), or to individual components (such as yarn, or fabric).

Procedure for getting Oekotex certificate for textile products.

  • Complete the application form.
  • Drawing of representative sample materials.
  • Testing of samples at relevant oeko tex institute.
  • Institute test the samples & send the test report to the applicant.
  • Test samples has to pass the requirements of Oeko-tex 100 standard .
  • Certificate of conformity by the applicant.
  • Certificate issues for one year.

How we can help you?

  • Help in understanding the importance of oeko tex .
  • we can help you in completing the application form.
  • we give technical advice for the production of products, so that they meet the oeko tex requirements.
  • Drawing of representative samples as per the Oeko-tex standard.
  • Establishing quality assurance systems in your factory that the product produced during the year meets the requirements as per oeko-tex standard 100.

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