GOTS stands for Global organic textile standard. Cosmos Pakistan offers GOTS certifications consultancy to Textile industries, Garment and Home Textile Export Houses in Pakistan.According to this new and unique tool that shall enable textile manufacturers exporting their organic fabrics and garments with one certificate accepted in all major world markets. The Global Organic Textile Standard( GOTS)is a co-operation work between reputed standard organizations.The aim of the standard is to define requirements to ensure organic status of textiles, from harvesting of the raw materials, through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing up to labeling in order to provide a credible assurance to the end consumer. 

What is organic Textiles?

The textile fibers that are grown in a organic manner.One can not use in- organic fertilizer & pesticides during harvesting of crop. One have to use natural resources like compost & other means to increase the yields & to prevents it from pest attack. During processing of textiles like spinning,weaving,dyeing,printing,garment ,one have to use organic /natural product in the process. so it starts from harvesting of crops ends with labeling of the textile products.

Advantage of getting GOTS certificates for your organization

  • Europe & USA buyers required this certificates for kids wear,ladies & men wear ,inner wear & Bed linen so as to do business with them.
  • By getting this GOTS certification you can increase your business volume.
  • Promotes the use of organic textiles.
  • Indirectly you save our earth & environment & become a accountable enterpenor.

How to get GOTS certification for your Organization ?

Approved certification bodies from International Working Group on Global Organic Textile Standard can issue GOTS certificates for your organization.  There are many approved certification bodies around the world.

How can we Help you ?

We at Cosmos Pakistan help you to prepare your organization as per GOTS standard for certification processes. Major steps involve for certification of GOTS

  • choosing the best Gots certification body in Pakistan.
  • Applying for Gots certification.
  • Audit preparation and presentation as per Gots audit check list.
  • Preparation of SOP for organic textile standard for your organization.
  • Internal Gots training of your personnel to deal with organic textiles.
  • Preparing your organization for GOTS certifications.
  • Helping in Gots transaction certificate for organic products.

Why us ?

  • Providing best professional service for Gots Certification in Pakistan.
  • Over 15 years of industrial experience .
  • we are group of Textile engg from reputed institute .
  • Cost efficiency
  • Quick response

For further assistance you can contact us at GOTS certifications Consultant .

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